Our Location

  • 1502 Sawyer Street, Suite #213 Houston, TX 77007

About The Rooms

Your adventure begins on Sawyer Street. Once in the front parking lot of the Silos, turn down the narrow driveway along the north side of the building, next to the railroad tracks. Drive past the parallel parking spots. When you reach the head-in parking where the building indents, park, and there will be a single code door on your right. The door requires an access code: punch in the code received in your email to open the door.

Once through the entrance door, you will see the restrooms ahead: please make use of them. Then walk down the narrow hallway to the right of the entrance to pass through the silos themselves. Climb the 17 steps of the stairs on your left to meet us at Madame Daphne’s Tarot Reading Room and Séance Parlor. You’ll know her when you see her.