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About The Rooms

The Temple of Anubis was a cable access game show broadcast throughout North Florida in the late 1980’s. Episodes featured one or several “contestants” solving a series of puzzles to escape from a hidden temple. The show briefly achieved cult status, but somehow was lost to the pages of antiquity.In early 2016 a storage locker containing props and set portions from The Temple of Anubis was purchased by the founders of Mystery Brothers Escape Rooms and installed at their location on NW 53rd Ave. Puzzle enthusiasts, fans of the show, and game lovers of all ages are invited to experience this thrilling re-creation of a classic real-life escape game. 3-6 players are given 60 minutes to escape the hidden temple by completing a variety of logic and teamwork-based tasks that exercise players’ communication and cooperation skills. Players are unlikely to encounter puzzles they have seen before in other media – The Temple of Anubis was a local phenomenon, and its secrets never found their way onto the world wide web.may be teamed up with other players if you do not book all 6 spots. Please arrive 15 minutes early and allocate 15-20 minutes for photos and discussion afterwards. Players should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Food and drink, cellphones, cameras, tablets, and other devices are not allowed at any point during the game, but a space will be provided for you to secure them.