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About The Rooms

Escape rooms are the ultimate team game. A small group of individuals willingly locked inside a room with one common goal – to get out before the clock hits zero. The timer starts once the door shuts. Each room contains a unique theme and storyline. You and your team must work together to solve an elaborate series of clues and puzzles, as well as endure any additional surprises that may be thrown your way. Patience, problem-solving, logic, and perhaps a little dumb-luck are all that is needed to crack the codes and locate the keys.

Collaboration is crucial; the countdown, unyielding. So bring your own pre-made team of code-crackers or make friends fast – you’ll have to act quickly and cooperatively if you hope to make it out in time.

Inspired by the Asian entertainment phenomenon, we decided our hometown needed the opportunity to test the limits of its critical thinking and team work skills. Part “scene from a movie,” part “real-life video-game,” our handcrafted escape rooms offer a fresh and exciting response to the age old complaint, “there is nothing to do in Salem.” Now there is. But please, feel free to keep using that as an excuse if you don’t believe yourself brave enough for this new interactive entertainment experience. Escape the boredom – enter if you dare.