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ESCAPE! Myrtle Beach was founded in October of 2015. I spent several months touring around Europe and over the course of my journey I fell in love with escape games. In early October I returned to the USA and began searching for escape games to feed my addiction. Unfortunately, the games I experienced here were subpar compared to their European counterparts. All the games I have played stateside were too commercialized, watered down, and frankly, boring! I almost immediately sat down and began designing my first room. What sets ESCAPE! Myrtle Beach apart is our homegrown games. We have not paid for our rooms, or stolen designs from others. Everything you will experience here is unique. Designed meticulously from the ground up by a true enthusiast. It is not about large budgets and huge buildings. It is about immersing you into a world of inexplicable experiences that will leave you excited, satisfied, and hopefully, addicted!