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Escape Gaming continues to be a hot ticket item across Canada.

Last week, we explored online searching ‘trends’ to try and determine the popularity of Escape Gaming in Alberta.

This week, we’re going to explore searches in British Columbia to see how searches are trends for Escape Gaming in BC.

The Data

Once again, we’re using data via the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and using a sampling of what we know to be the 3 most common search terms used to find an Escape Room.



Looking at the City of Abbotsford, there would appear to be a trend of increased searches during the winter months of Jan-Mar, with another spike to approx 1400 searches in September of this year.




Surrey appears to show modest growth in online searches, with a spike in August of this year.




Interestingly, Vancouver seems to to be relatively flat, with again with a small spike in September.

Perhaps British Columbia escape gamers follow seasonal trends?

Outside Data Points

One factor that was not taken into consideration here was searches for individual escape room facilities.

Over time, users searches have matured from simply looking for an ‘escape room’ to seeking out information on the actual Escape Rooms themselves.

For example, Google’s data suggests that in an average month, the searches for facility ‘Escape Key‘ is exactly the same as ‘escape room Richmond‘ at 1600 searches.


Stay tuned for next weeks post!

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