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So – you’ve got your finances together, found some partners, created the most AMAZING theme rooms in the Province – and now it’s time to open the doors.

Now that you’ve built it…will they come?

Anyone who has opened an Escape room with any hope of success needs to take the promotion and advertising thing pretty seriously. With new facilities popping up every other week, you’ll need a gameplan.

Promotional Tactics for Escape Rooms – Social Media FTW!

For most escape room operating in Canada (and indeed across the world), Social media is the weapon of choice – and with good reason.

Gamers love to share and chat about their experiences via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond. By ensuring you have a solid social presence (and someone listening), you can quickly build a large and loyal audience of followers who will spread the good word for you.

However, this post isn’t about Social Media, Newsletters, or any other form of promotion – this one is about and oldie but goodie – SEO.

SEO Best practices for Escape Rooms

SEO for those that don’t know stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and in simple terms,  means optimizing your website content and structure in a way that Search Engines like Google and Bing love.

Non-paid (read: free) traffic from site likes Google *need* to be part of your marketing strategy, and if you set your SEO up right, you business can be getting in front of hundreds – or even thousands – of potential new customers each and every month at absolutely no cost.

Sound to good to be true?

Follow these Five tips below and get your Escape Room’s website in Google’s good graces and watch your online traffic soar!

Canada Escape Rooms Top 5 SEO Tips:

#1 – Make Sure the words “Escape Room” and “Your City” are in your Meta Title – while many SEO components like ‘keywords’ and ‘density’ have gone the way of the dodo bird, making this small change to your Meta Title can pay off big time. This is a relatively easy thing to update, assuming you are using a modern web platform like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or similar. Not sure how to update this? Get started by checking where you’re at with this Meta Title Checker tool then Pay a tech-savvy gamer client to do it for you.

#2 – Check your site for speed and mobile friendliness – A slow, non-mobile friendly website is not going to cut it as competition increases. Google has a pretty great tool that enables you to check your website’s mobile friendliness and speed, and if you find yourself scoring low, consider contacting a reputable web firm to help you with this. (note – poor performance here can also effect your SEO.)

#3 – Make sure your contact information is accurate and up to date – It’s a simple mistake, but you’d be surprised how often a phone number, address, or other critical piece of info is erroneously listed on your website or a social media profile. While this is obviously no good for your customers, it also confuses Search Engines when they crawl the web looking for data to validate who is doing what, where.

#4 – Secure, Build Out And Update Your Business Listings On Local Websites – Once you’ve got your website in order, it’s time to make sure that it’s listed on important 3rd party websites that vouch or ‘vote’ for your site. Quality websites that link to your website are an important park of ‘who goes where’ in Google. Build out your listings with photos, videos (if applicable), your website URL and other key information to make your listings more informative to potential customers. Don’t know where to start? Try a free Yellowpages listing, Industry Canada, Yelp, N49, 411, and of course, Yours Truly to get started. (note: most of these listings are free, but expect to be hassled by a few salespeople – remember, there is no obligation to buy anything.)

#5 – Create great content & Share it – This one is likely the most easy for many Escape Room owners to grasp, but also can impact your SEO in a positive way. By blogging on your website about your experiences, new rooms, or things you may be up to in the community, you are sending fresh signals out to the Search Engines, and increasing the likelihood of these webpages being listed and found.



Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more advanced SEO concepts that can be used to get you a leg up on competitors, but by making sure you’ve got these 5 items in order, you are maximizing your Escape Room’s chances for Search Engine Success!


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