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We’ve seen traffic to our website rise dramatically over the past year, and in that, we’ve seen some interesting trends emerge.

To be certain, different parts of the Country ‘Google’ Escape Games more than others, and within that we’ve seen some interesting trends have emerged.

So, for the next several weeks, we’re going to explore ‘who’ is looking for ‘what’ on Google when it comes to Escape Rooms.

The Data

We’re using data via Google Adwords Keyword Planner and using a sampling of the 3 most common search terms used to find an Escape Room.

Alphabetical seemed as good a place as any to start.

Let’s go!

By the Numbers: Alberta


Calgary looks to have ‘peaked’ in the summer of 2016, with around 10,000 related escape game searches.

A city on the rise! Edmonton by far has shown explosive growth in online searches, topping neighboring Calgary with over 10,000 searches in September and a clear growth trend.

Lethbridge holds it’s own with a steady increase in online searches peaking in September of 2016. New rooms opening in the latter part of this year no doubt contribute to the increase.
Red Deer:

Red Deer appears to have shown steady growth with an unexpected drop in September. We wonder if Red Deer’s number correlate with local press coverage of new Escape Rooms.

Medicine Hat:

Last but not least, Medicine Hat saw explosive growth in January of this year with the opening of their first Escape Room. While demand seems to have trailed off a bit since then, the data here is a bit limited and thus may not be totally accurate.


By and by, Alberta seems to show steady – if not accelerated – growth in online searches for Escape Rooms with Edmonton leading the pack.

Stay tuned as we explore British Columbia next week!


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