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Escape rooms, (or Breakout Rooms, as they are often called) have become incredibly popular across Canada.


According to Wikipedia, the earliest escape room, “Origin”, was created in Silicon Valley by a group of system programmers in 2006.  The mysteries and challenges in the game were inspired by the works of Agatha Christie and became a popular tourist attraction.

While most Canadians are now aware of the existence of Escape Rooms, many may be surprised to learn just how many currently exist – and how many new ones seem to be popping up on a daily basis. Over the past 18 months, Escape Rooms have gone from being nearly non-existent to individual cities like Edmonton boasting 12+ Rooms with more slated for 2016. Further, according to a recent article by, this City now boasts some 30 different facilities.

So, just how many facilities are currently running in Canada?

On Jul 1st 2016 (updated), compiled some stats from our directory and have broken it down by Province:

Alberta – 31 Rooms:

British Columbia – 24 Rooms:

Manitoba- 6 Rooms:

New Brunswick – 1 Rooms:

Newfoundland – 2 Rooms:

Nova Scotia – 3 Rooms:

Ontario – 69 Rooms:

PEI – 2 Rooms:

Quebec – 10 Rooms:

Saskatchewan – 5 Rooms:

In total, we found 163 Escape rooms currently operating in Canada. However, we know that there are in fact many more facilities operating – we just haven’t found them yet!

Know of an Escape Room we don’t have listed? Claim a listing here and get started!




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2 responses to “Just How Many Escape Rooms Are There In Canada?”

  1. Interesting read, may I ask, how did you source the numbers? I find it odd that Alberta has the 2nd highest number of escape rooms, considering it’s demographic.

    1. Hi John, while by no means inclusive, we use 3rd party websites, Google, and Social media to find new rooms. Alberta’s numbers are indeed interesting. Thanks for your comment!


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