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Given our opportunity to speak to hundreds of Escape Room owners all over Canada (and even a few International owners) that are looking to grow their customer base, an interesting theme has emerged.

While the majority of Escape Room owners  ultimately focus their marketing efforts locally, an increasing number are looking for broader advertising exposure, both at the provincial, national, and even international scale.

Why would a local escape room be looking to advertise on such a large scale?

Enter the concept of escape room tourism.

Some Players Are Simply Hooked

In speaking with Newfoundland based Breakout NL, “many patrons are touristic in nature”, with owner Aaron adding that some clients are “coming from as far away as Germany”. This has wisely resulted in them bringing their advertising to local airports, as well ensuring that they have national exposure by way of websites like Canada Escape Rooms.

A Dedicated Website

Then their is the aptly named, an entire website dedicated to just such thing with the motto, ‘When Escape Rooms Dictate Holiday Destinations’. With posts dating back nearly one full year, clearly website operator Frank Stone is living testimony that Escape Room Tourism is legit.


On the other side of the fence, Edmonton based Escape Room Roundup argues that given a ‘long list of things to do’ while on vacation, visiting an escape room is simply an added bonus, not the sole reason for travel. They conclude their article indicating “the moral of the story is don’t travel to a city just to do an escape room, but if you’re in a new place then maybe look up if they have an escape room facility or two. It’s a fun way to experience the city and try something new.”

Final Say

Given our unique ability to speak with Escape Game owners near and far, we’ve found that there appears to be 2 distinct groups emerging:

Hardcore gamers & facility owners that will travel both near & far specifically with the intention of trying new rooms (bloggers, website operators, escape room owners)

Tourists & ‘experience’ travelers looking for things to do a little outside the ordinary (Tripadvisor attraction seekers, ‘Things to do in City’ surfers)

Combined, these 2 groups seem to indicate to us that escape room tourism is very much a real thing, and is only likely to grow stronger over time.

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