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Stressed? Well, now Edmontonians can have 5 or 10 minutes to smash a table with dishware, chairs, tire, and glass vases.

Smash Rooms Edmonton

Image source: CBC news Edmonton

Patrons to this local Edmonton Smash rooms are fully decked out in safety goggles, coveralls, and ear protection to protect themselves, but sadly such courtesy isn’t extended to the objects in the room.

You’re pretty much allowed to break everything in the room – save for the walls themselves.

Smartypantz in Edmonton now runs two ‘Rage Rooms’ alongside their escape rooms. It’s been open for a month, and is touted as the first of it’s kind in Western Canada.

Therapeutic Angle

The time is right for rage rooms to explode. With some research suggesting that 1 in 5 of us have an anger management problem, This stress busting outlet may be just what the doctor ordered (though not surprisingly, it doesn’t appear in CMHA’s strategies to deal with anger issues).

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  1. Well, we were thinking of starting one of these rooms until we realized it would take every waking minute and wandering all over the country to find stuff for people to smash…lots of moving stuff in and out and cleaning up…yuk!


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