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We’ve talked to dozens of escape room owners across Canada over the last several months, and when it comes to the topic of who their major audience is, this piece from CNBC seems to confirm that it is the booming millennial crowd:


The audience for the games is broad. Research by Scott Nicholson found they had universal appeal, but a survey of 175 escape game venues around the world found 37 percent of players were from aged 21 or over.

This matches the experience of Hendra Harjuna, the director of Trapped in Singapore.

“Our biggest market is the millennials (about 40 percent),” she told CNBC via email. “They are always out seeking for alternative entertainment vs the usual bowling, cinema, KTV (karaoke) activities so an escape room is like the latest craze to do in Singapore at the moment.”

Millennials (adults ages 18 to 34) are at the forefront of the experience economy and escape games are in a position to capitalize on them.

“People are looking for those memories, the special things they can share with their friends,” said Nick Moran, a writer of London-based ETR experience Time Run.

“I think ETR games, because they are such an interactive experience, they allow people to carve out their own narrative with their friends, which is what people are used to doing in an experiential way across all media these days, which is probably the reason why it does appeal so strongly to millennials.”

Read the full article on CNBC here.



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