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Escape rooms are an interactive way to challenge yourself, your family and friends.

Being quite a famous pass time and having immense recognition, many people have indulged in this puzzle game and recommended it to others.

The luring escape routes, with sneaky clues and tricks would lead you and your team to an adventure. You can take note of these tips and tricks to enhance your experience when venturing into an Escape Room of your own:

Choose Tour Team Wisely

  • Since it’s a team game it is highly recommended you choose your team players carefully. Most people who are unaware or are misinformed might consider participating with strangers in an Escape Room escapade.

Keep That Team Small

  • Play at less than the maximum team size so there is less physical crowded-ness and everyone has something to work on!

Divide & Conquer

  • Divide and  conquer is the way to go. You should distribute your tasks amongst your team so that the puzzle would be easily resolved. In this way you would be saving a lot of time as you proceed to your next challenge in the game.

Stay Organized

  • Organize effectively. The most important task is to sort the valuables from the trash. What you might discover at one place might be useful as you further play the game. When you have carefully organized your equipment and findings it would be easy to analyze and look for key tools that are important.

All The Small Things

  • You should always pay attention to the host. The confusing riddles and the spontaneous burst of words are supposed to assist you along the game. Keep a close eyes on random numbers, out of place objects, power outlets etc. These are clues that are supposed to lead you to your successful escape.

Throughout the game, don’t forget to enjoy and have fun!

Let us know how our tricks and tips helped you!

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