Our Location

  • The Marketplace Mall 2101 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27127
  • 336-986-9540

About The Rooms

// “It will take your breath away.”
Locked in a room for 1 hour. Are you smart enough to figure out how to get out?

Everyone loves a good scare. Add game elements, interaction, problem solving, and a team goal into the mix then you have the recipe for one memorable experience. This is hands down the most fun and intense game you will ever play.

This game is like nothing you have ever played before. Group events and team building experiences are taken to another level. This will be the BEST Group Party of the year. If you are looking to do something different and memorable then we are the go to place.

This is so much more than just a game. It is a story that we place you in the middle of. Granted, it is a rather intense story but that only makes the storyline that much more fun. You become a character in this story based on the Room Theme. Each Room Theme will have its own prequel story that you will need to read beforehand. Stories can be found on the ROOMS page. Download it. Read it. It could save your life.