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By now you have probably heard of escape games, a trend that has been taking the world by storm. But what exactly are they? Escape rooms are fully immersive experiences that put you and your friends into a puzzle style, real life video game. After you are locked into a themed room, work together with your team of 12 people to search for clues to find your way out!

Great Room Escape has tons of fun room options to choose from; our room themes include Zombie (most locations including Salt Lake City), Houdini (Chicago), and Cabin (Denver). In the Zombie room, you and your team will have to try to escape the room before a hungry undead person breaks free of her chains to eat you! The Houdini room lets you and your friends help famed magician Houdini’s widow try to contact him from beyond the grave. In the Cabin room, your team is hiding from a serial killer in a dark cabin, only to find out that it’s a trap set by the killer himself! Can you escape it before the killer returns?

Once you and your team are inside the room, search for clues, solve riddles, and find keys to make your escape before the clock runs out! You will have one hour to work with your team of 12 participants to find the tools necessary to make your escape. There are no specific skills needed to participate in our escape rooms; your team will need people with all types of skills and thought processes in order to successfully escape.