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About The Rooms

Escape rooms are one of the hottest things to do right now, and that trend has definitely taken hold in San Antonio. Great Room Escape offers a variety of puzzles for you and your friends to struggle through and, with some brainpower and teamwork, eventually solve. If you want to know about one of the most fun-packed activities in San Antonio, then read on.

What Is it

This increasingly-popular room escape provider was built with the intention of providing a fun, exciting way to spend time with friends or, for those in organized groups, work on team building skills.

Great Room Escape offers three unique and exciting puzzles for participants to complete within one hour. Whether you’re hiding from a deranged serial killer or trying not to become zombie chow, you’ll need to learn how to work as a team under pressure if you want to make it out alive. But, by solving a variety of riddles and brainteasers, your group just might make it out in time.

Who Should Use It?

Room escape puzzles are often thought to be solely-directed toward teens and young adults looking to have fun, but those aren’t the only groups that can benefit from some killer puzzles. While these adventures are certainly fun and a great way to bond with friends, they’ve also become popular ways to facilitate team-bonding in corporate settings.

An escape room may seem a little informal for a work-related venture, but think about the possibilities. What better way to get your team working together than by putting them in a scenario where they quite literally have to think and work as a group if they want to succeed? Once your team has these skills, you should immediately notice a change in workplace dynamics and the cohesion between team members.

Want to see what adventures you and your friends or teammates could take on? Each offers a unique scenario while testing your ability to think critically and work under pressure.

The Cabin Room
If you’re looking for an exciting, scary game to play with your friends, then this adventure may be for you. In this scenario, you and your friends are being chased by a relentless serial killer through the woods. You find a place to hide when you stumble upon a dark, seemingly-abandoned cabin, but it quickly proves to be anything but your safe haven from the killer.

You’ll soon discover that this cabin is an elaborate trap put in place by the killer, meant to lure and hold you while he catches up. You’ll all have one hour to figure out the room’s secrets and escape before the killer makes it to the cabin. Will you have the wits to make it out, or will the cabin’s walls be the last thing you ever see?

The Zombie Room
If you’re looking to test how your team works under pressure, then the Zombie Room is just what you’re looking for. From the outset, you’re trapped in a room with a zombie who’s barely contained by a series of chain links, and will soon break out to devour the brains of your group.

With only one hour, you and your eleven teammates must work through a variety of clues and carefully-crafted riddles to find the hidden keys and escape the room before you become the zombie’s next meal.

The Countdown
This is San Antonio’s latest escape room, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for a good mystery game. The classic horror elements are gone from this room, but the situation is no less dire; the missile-targeting system has been sabotaged, and a missile has just been launched directly at your location.

You and your three teammates have just one hour to unravel the secrets of the room and use its technology to bring the targeting system back online and save yourselves from total destruction.

Escape If You Can 
While each room is uniquely tailored to provide a different experience, you can rest assured that each of them will bring you closer with your teammates and help you develop your team building skills. Whether you’re being hunted by a serial killer, tormented by a zombie or trying to escape certain missile-related annihilation, the Great Escape Room is a perfect place to have fun and test your wits.