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5 Reasons to Try an Escape Room
It’s no secret–Escape Room’s are amazing. What some see as a passing trend has only continued to grow as new players discover this addicting craze. Escape Room games are ideal for entertaining your friends, your family, or your co-workers. No matter the situation, the exciting and quick pace of the gameplay will have you coming back for more.

Want to challenge yourself and go beyond virtual reality to solve challenging puzzles–possibly saving yourself and others in the process? A trip to The Great Escape Room in Austin should be your next destination.

Still not convinced that this game is for you? Here are five reasons your next weekend activity or team building opportunity should be an Escape Room.

Challenge Yourself
Sometimes we need a challenge in our life. A way to use our minds to solve complex problems with high stakes. To prove our superiority, we must have something to overcome and conquer. Escape Rooms provide that plus more.

Protection against dementia and Alzheimer’s–games enhance concentration and focus, as well as, build mindful strategies to tighten the brain’s connections. Together it’s a winning combination in the fight to keep our brain’s bright and agile.

Team Building
Solving a challenge with another person is proven to help overcome difficulties with a team member. Demonstrating how someone can benefit from the work of another opens up dialogue and sharpens communication. One’s weakness might be another’s strength.

The memories created during a team’s escape room game will bond the group together. The effects of the experience will carry over to the office or workplace as well. It’s not uncommon to see productivity increase after participating in an escape room.

Escape the Zombies + Other Themes
Escape Room games originally began with horror themes. The movie Saw entered the lexicon and the concept of torturing a group of people in enclosed spaces swept the nation. Being trapped in a room with a zombie was and is an intriguing way to spend one’s time.

It plays on our natural need for survival along with our fascination with zombies. Survival video games like H1Z1 and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are big hits with streamers on the internet. Survival as entertainment is in and Escape Room’s are a terrific way to capture that spirit.The popularity of Escape Room games expanded from the zombie and horror themes into straight puzzle games and challenges. Aliens, pirates, child’s room, and crashed subway cars are just a few examples of the innovative ways escape room companies are changing the game.

Real Life Video Game
Gamers love to game and normally it doesn’t matter what the title. Give them some competition and they will go for the win. The opportunity to participate in something as close to a video game as possible is entirely unique.

Where else do you get the chance to avoid the menacing teeth of a zombie? Have you rescued a zombie from getting tortured by the government? Did you discover the hidden treasure of Redbeard the Pirate?Solving puzzles, defeating villains, and overcoming the odds all sound like objectives in a video game but they are actually what you do in an Escape Room game. Disconnecting and slowing our brain down to focus on the task at hand can feel entirely therapeutic.

Many Escape Room companies even gamify their business. Loyalty programs are prevalent throughout the industry ensuring that you keep coming back.

A real life video game with multiplayer challenges encouraging communication. Just like playing in an online game with strangers–Escape Room’s provide gamers a platform to socialize and interact, creating new friendships.

Mystery Date
Some say that the only thing that matters is the physique when it comes to a mate but those single people know that the mind that is the sexiest attribute in a mate. There is, perhaps, no better way to show off your mental prowess than an escape game. Solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles in an Escape Room provides you and your date with a connection that may be difficult to top. So once you and your date get married, which is inevitable due to the positive connection you made during the experience of your first escape game.

Escape Room’s have come a long way since their inception. Upgraded interactions and production value surpass even the best virtual reality games. A unique way to bond with a partner, team, or just to challenge yourself. Make The Great Escape Room in Austin your next adventure.