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So… what is a room escape? Essentially, it’s a live action, on-site puzzle game that anyone can play. Players enter a themed environment and use codes and clues (things they hear, see, touch, find and interact with) — to open doors and “escape” (or win the game). It’s a totally thrilling experience.

Room Escapes are a new kind of entertainment game for adults that have become wildly popular across the United States. In fact, there’s even a show on TV about them. There are about five Philly room escape games with varying themes

When you buy a ticket to Escape the 1980s, you’re buying a ticket into Philadelphia’s largest, on-site mystery game. You and your teammates have 60 minutes to work together (like detectives) putting together codes and clues to get through an 80s themed “mini mall”. You’ll log into an old school computer, make calls from push button phones, watch 80s video clips, play Atari… and much more. See what happens in our game here. Or, watch the video to the left of this page featuring an actual actor from Saved By The Bell!

It’s a fully immersive, exhilarating escape game experience — and you don’t need to know or remember anything about the 80s to win.

People book room escape tickets for corporate outings, parties, dates, reunions, celebrations — or just to have an unusual experience with friends. The best thing about our room escape? You’ll experience a thrill inside that lasts hours after you finish the game. Scout’s honor.