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About The Rooms

Question Games takes mystery rooms to the next level by custom-building them from scratch. These themed rooms are created around the games themselves and not vice-versa, which allowed us to put trap doors, hidden passages and spacious environments for you to explore.

Each escape room at Question Games begins with a cinematic experience that will introduce you into the world that you are about to enter. Then you’ll have to put yourselves in the mindset of the characters, track down the clues that have been left behind and work as a team to solve the mystery before time runs out!
Each interactive escape experience is unique and presents its own challenges; you can travel through time, save the world, or at the very least try to save yourself. Time will however be the biggest challenge of all; and against all odds your team must solve the enigmas and find the solutions as fast as you can! Work together to overcome every obstacle and show us what teamwork can do!

Question Games Escape Rooms is built for your live entertainment, we even have a reception hall available for larger groups, private events, parties, birthdays, corporate team-building activities, and more! Check us out at our downtown Montreal location, or contact us for more information!