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About The Rooms

An hour of fun, challenge, and unique entertainment with an unforgettable story. This 60-minute experience offers an escape into a world of the unknown without the terror of experiencing a haunted house. Does your group have what it takes to escape the room before time is up? Can you solve all of the puzzles and escape the room before time runs out? Grab your friends, bring your family, race the clock, and live the adventure at Locked Manhattan.

Which Room Should You Do?

“The Witching Hour”, at 34% success rate, is the most straightforward, all ages, story-driven escape room; designed for smaller groups. “Honor Among Thieves” is a larger escape room, tailored to the observational thinker and is based on the more traditional escape games found both on the computer and in cities worldwide. “Honor Among Thieves” is not recommended for groups smaller than four people and holds an 19% success rate. “The Dinner Party” is a mental challenge that offers up a 30% success rate. These rooms are extremely different in design and game play in order to give our escape artists unique experiences!