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Voodoo- Private Room

Medium Difficulty – 10 player maximum

A mysterious catastrophic storm brews up and batters the town of Gabrielville, Louisiana. It’s rumored that the voodoo queen Arachne–a powerful witch who bears a grudge against the town–is behind it all. The Mayor, desperate to restore peace, sends you and your team to investigate her shop and break the curse. Arachne has left the shop for one hour–if she comes back and finds your group before you’re done, there’s no telling what she’ll do!

Medieval- Private Room

Easy Difficulty- 10 player maximum

The Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring that reputedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks of its waters. It lies in some old ruins guarded by powerful traps. Players are contacted by a dying king to fill a vial of the holy water and get out alive.

Western- Private Room

Medium Difficulty- 10 player maximum

There has been a severe drought since the totems of the Kumeyaay tribe were stolen. The sheriff caught the thief, but kept the totems for himself. The Shaman sent messengers to reclaim their rightful possession. Covering up his own motives, the sheriff accused them of collusion and locked them up in his office. Now, he is out for lunch in the saloon and will return in an hour. This is a great opportunity. The messengers have to get out of the cell, retrieve the totems and escape.

Science- Private Room
Advanced Difficulty- 10 player maximum

Doctor Noel How provides top-ranked professional athletes with performance enhancing drugs. An investigative journalist has been after him for years, but could not produce any evidence. Now, he has a hot tip from a whistleblower. The physician produces the banned substances in a lab disguised as an ordinary doctor’s office. Unfortunately, Doctor How is aware of the leak and he is heading back to the office to destroy evidence. The journalist enters the lab to gather data before the doctor arrives.