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About The Rooms

A variation of the popular “Escape Room” live escape game, the Great Scott! Mystery Rooms offer players a chance to actually become detectives, just like characters in their favorite mystery novels.

​Bring your team of up to 8 people, and immerse yourself in a classic mystery story.  Each of our three game rooms is full of codes, riddles, puzzles, and clues, and you will have one hour to solve the mystery we’ve set for you!

The Dame Disappears

A famous British mystery author has vanished, leaving behind a cryptic letter. Search her 1930’s-era bedroom to determine what happened to her, and why!

The Legend of the Fairy Queen

You’ve come to spend the summer at your grandparents’ farmhouse, but a quick search of your room reveals that someone has been there before you, and they seem to be in great danger!

The Detective’s Dinner Party

You are a famous detective, and an eccentric millionnaire has invited you and several of your crime-solving friends to an unusual dinner party at his Steampunk mansion.  He plans to amuse himself by laying out the details of an “unsolvable crime,” and challenging you all to solve it.  But is that truly the purpose of this elegant dinner party?

We are one of Connecticut’s newest escape game rooms, and we are conveniently located in historic Simsbury center, just 30 minutes west of Hartford.  Our charming location insideThe Storyteller’s Cottage, an authentic Victorian home, makes our games intensely immersive.