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TRAPPED IN A ROOM WITH A ZOMBIE combines the pressure of “Minute to Win It” and the sleuthing of a Sherlock Holmes mystery to create a pulse-pounding team-building activity that will keep your mind racing and adrenaline flowing.

If the idea of a zombie really scares you, rest assured: This is not a haunted house. This experience is designed for fun and excitement, not horror or gore.

ESCAPE FROM SCIENCE LAB ALPHA offers a slightly more traditional escape-room experience, pitting you against the clock instead of a zombie. But you’re still in for a unique adventure, one that’s different from any you’ve experienced.

Both of our interactive-theater sessions cast your group as the protagonists in an exciting plot that evolves differently based on your personalities and past experiences. Bring some friends, family members, or co-workers and prepare to see a side of them you may not have seen before.

At the end of every session, our staff analyzes each participant’s ability to solve problems, communicate effectively under pressure, and demonstrate the spirit of a cohesive unit. Prepare for one of the most high-value team-building experiences you have ever done!