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… Have you ever wanted to be at the center of your favorite movie, book, or video game? What if you could have a real life adventure that takes you to another time and place? Escape Game NAZOBAKO Tokyo is a mini-theme park where you get to escape from the ordinary!

When the lights come up, you find yourself trapped* in a room with many unusual objects scattered about. You begin to explore the space, but realize that you only have one hour to make sense of the mystery that is unfolding.
As you and the other members of your team solve one puzzle, another one is revealed. How many more are there? Do you have enough time? The clock is ticking! The only way to succeed is to put your heads together.
Each clue that you discover fires up your curiosity and gets your gears spinning. Then comes your “Aha!” moment. The small rush of excitement motivates you to search for the next step on your path. Before you know it, time is up!
For 60 minutes, you can leave the world behind and free your imagination to explore a different side of yourself. Believe it or now, an escape game is a unique way to release stress. You can play with friends, family, colleagues, or even that special someone you hope to know a little better.

No matter the occasion, the best place for a mysterious and exciting adventure is Escape NAZOBAKO Tokyo! * Not really. Players are always in a safe, comfortable environment :-)!