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Experience the ultimate in adrenaline with one of our unique Escape Games or smash your stress away with our Rage Room. Specialists in live action games; we give you the stage but the performance is yours.

Apartment 1145

Our Apartment 1145 escape room experience takes the form of the original and what we believe to be the best escape game concept. You find yourselves locked inside a Chicago apartment with only 60 minutes to escape – it’s as simple as that!

This game is ideal for everyone from escape room novices through to escape game veterans.


Everyone remembers the watergate scandal, not everyone has the chance to relive part of it but now you can! Break into the DNC, tap the phone’s, place bugs around the room, photograph documents concerning top secret campaign information and shred all the files they’ve got on Nixon. Oh, and don’t get caught!

We can’t risk the security hearing or seeing you so be sure to be quiet, tread carefully and above all, don’t set off the alarm….