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About The Rooms

Boda Borg was conceptualized and founded in Sweden in the mid 1990’s. The concept pioneered the Reality-Gaming business sector. The ingenious idea was that in an era of video games, reality television, and action movies, people would flock to a concept where they indeed participate in such activity themselves, instead of passively observing. The result is Boda Borg.

Our Guests don’t like Boda Borg…they love it!

Given that our guests are active, people sometimes ask “is it risky…can I get hurt?” Well, life is risky, and we try hard to mimic life-like adventures (it’s key to the excitement)…so yes, there is always risk at Boda Borg, and our Guests must accept the full risk. The possibility of a serious injury is very real, although our experiences in Europe have been excellent based on injury reporting processes in that part of the world (not the same as USA reporting processes). Our Guests must crawl, climb, jump, bounce, and think their way through cunning traps, intricate riddles, and hidden passages that try to stop their progress. Please read our full safety/risk disclosure document.

The great news is that in 15 years, everyone who has entered a Boda Borg location on their own power has left on their own power…perhaps with some happily acquired bumps, scraps, twists, bruises and/or a little help, and most likely very sore, but definitely on their own power. Our Guests love the active entertainment experience, bumps, bruises, soreness and all…and so will you, adults and mature kids alike: we guarantee it!

Boda Borg is now poised for international expansion, ready to spread this revolutionary concept around the world. Boda Borg Europe (Sweden) today is a subsidiary of Boda Borg Corporation (USA), and remains the home of the Boda Borg concept and European market operations.

Soon, people and organizations across the world will have the opportunity to “Experience the Quest”. Welcome to the world of Boda Borg.