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At first glance, The Escape Room house appears to be a loving restoration of an early 19th century home.  But as you will soon discover, this old Victorian house has something disquieting about it. As you begin to speculate with those very questions, you can’t help but wonder what secrets must lie within those walls. Will you take that step back in time? Will you and your friends be able to find the clues? Or will its secrets disturb your thoughts, leaving you no time to escape? Dark, sinister riddles. Hidden clues. Unsolved mysteries await you. Time to meet your challenge!

Which room will you start with? Your adventure awaits you.

Zach and Chaz, two young twins who lived in a small town, Mossleigh Alberta. These two boys had a seemingly normal childhood, until you uncover the truth that has been covered up for many years even after their childhood home was abandoned. One of the twins was convicted for the murder of their baby brother, Aiden, in August 1927. You are part of a curious group of travellers, looking to explore an abandoned house in search of fun, but while walking through this house you will uncover an even bigger psychological torment. Your group gets separated and trapped, the only way out is to relive the lives of Zach and Chaz… Can you figure out who committed the murder of baby Aiden?

*Tight spaces and some crawling. Appropriate for Teens & Adults.

Room capacity: 5-8 people


Length: 80 minutes


The current time frame is the 1930’s and for over 40 years there has been an unsolved mystery tied to the construction of the Canadian railways, considered at the time, a National Imperative. Rift with political and public outcry of misappropriations. A secret society took matters into their own hands. But until recently, there has never been any evidence. Somewhere within a retired engineer’s study lies the very clues bound to the Order of the Fourth Spike. This secret society has deep political secrets that if uncovered, will rock Canadian history irrevocably. Will your group finally discover the priceless artifact that will re-write our railway ties?

Room capacity: 4-6 People


Length: 60 minutes